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Velocity creates products that solve unique problems within the engineering workplace. Our team has over 50 years in the engineering industry and researches and develops products. This experience offers a unique 360-degree perspective to the important tools needed in machines shops across the globe. Velocity's first product, the Universal Indicator Mount, focuses on streamlining team workflow and creating reliable, consistent readings that will help employees and clients alike. Velocity creates high-quality products, entirely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, focusing on the details that will keep your tools working for years to come. Our commitment to quality and integrity is paramount in our product development process.

About The Universal Indicator Mount

The Universal Indicator Mount was created to clamp on to any surface (thickness of surface must be between 1.5" to 6" and is compatible with a ∅ 3/8" indicator shank) in order to allow for easy clamping onto any surface, fixed perpendicular measuring for indicators (not included), and reliable, consistent readings. The clamp is easy to move onto different surfaces depending on any requirements for the job. Originally designed for granite surface blocks, the Universal Indicator Mount also works with stepped edges, solid edges, and other material blocks. The Universal Indicator Mount allows for a larger and more accurate measuring surface, and keeps both the Indicator and additional Indicator tips out of the way for a convenient workflow.

Once a job is set up, the Indicator will always be fixed in the same reliable position by using the Universal Indicator Mount. This allows for added versatility by allowing the Indicator to remain where it needs to be throughout the entire workflow. By removing the need to remount or reposition the Indicator throughout a job, your team can achieve greater workflow efficiency and consistent readings.

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